Zen Japan Style


Zen Japan Style is an online store dedicated to bringing the Tokai region’s pottery to the world.

In Japan, creation of pottery is very much tied to the earth from which it came. Designs vary from raw to refined, and most sport colors or patterns that can be found in nature. Artisans have for generations passed down the techniques of creating these unique works, yet outside of Japan they are a mostly undiscovered art.

Zen Japan Style mainly deals in Tokoname yaki and Seto yaki of Aichi Prefecture, and Mino yaki of Gifu Prefecture. The store acts as a dealer for several studios of potters, allowing the potters to focus on the perfection of their craft. Though their products also function as beautiful display pieces, most are intended to be used in daily life. Enjoy a zen moment making tea with one of their beautiful kyusu teapots. Use one of their bonsai pots to serve as a vessel for life itself.

Whether you are a tea fanatic, bonsai enthusiast, or just plain love gorgeous and functional pottery, Zen Japan Style is a real treasure trove. Bring a little piece of Japan’s earth into your life.


  • Teapots
  • Kyusu
  • Sake cups
  • Bonsai pots
  • Bowls
  • Plates
  • Home decor