Hanko Square


In Japan, personal seals called Hanko (or Inkan) are used for identification, and are said to embody a piece of your soul. Your hanko expresses your authority in a variety of situations, similar to your signature in western cultures, and is an essential tool for your life in Japan.

Hanko Square is a shop that not only sells beautiful, hand-carved hanko, but will also teach you everything you need to know about them. This information also covers the various different types of hanko. Live in Japan and need a hanko for practical uses? Are you an artist who wants to physically make your mark on your work? Operate a dojo and need a stamp for certificates? For all those uses and more, Hanko Square has got you covered.

In addition to hanko, they also carry a small selection of omiyage (souvenirs) that would make nice gifts for someone special in your life, or you can treat yo’ self!


  • Hanko/Inkan
  • Ink
  • Hanko cases
  • Personalized wooden nametags
  • Handbags
  • Change purses
  • Toothpick case with a mirror
  • …and more!